I class myself as a compulsive scribbler; drawing is my most natural form of communication both personally and professionally. I see it as a therapy, addiction, hobby and lifestyle. I am always wondering what /who I’ll draw next, what kind of journey that will take me on and the doors it may open.
The life of an Illustrator/Image maker is always evolving as the pace of life changes so rapidly, and styles and trends come and go in the blink of an eye. These adjustments make me feel alive, as your always ‘’looking’’ at everything going on around you. This is always what I aspired to do.
What drives me is creating my best piece of work.
I ‘’draw’’ inspiration from all aspects of life, however, if I had to present a ‘’top 5’’ it would have to be:
  • Mother nature
  • People/Faces
  • Objects/Architecture
  • Music
  • Sci-Fi – Toys, Books, Films

DoodlePlanet was set up in 2008 with the ambition of combining music and art in order to create an atmosphere that encourages expression and communication through ‘doodles’!

So what happens in DoodlePlanet?....well the short answer is that everyone doodles on any available surface all to a soundtrack of jazz, soul, reggae, and Latin grooves! Of course we are not encouraging vandalism!!! All surfaces (walls, tables etc) are covered in recycled white vinyl board and doodlers are provided with a huge array of coloured pens to explore their creative sub-conscious and unleash their ‘inner child’. We have held DoodlePlanet in a variety of different venues and settings, from nightclubs to corporate team building days, working with such clients as O2, E0N, EAN, Siemens, Chester Performs, National Grid, Glyndwr University (Wrexham), the Zone, Murphy’s, and a variety of local schools in the Cheshire area.

The outcomes of DoodlePlanet?..well we would like to think everyone has a great time and we get to see some truly fantastic pieces of work come to life before all our eyes! DoodlePlanet also serves as a fantastic ‘blank canvas’ to deliver interactive corporate mind maps, and or business models. We also get to see people whom would never usually describe themselves as ‘artistic’ liberated by the realisation that we are all artistic, that art is just an expression of ‘self’-‘yourself’!

Ohhh and all this while enjoying the tunes and making friends.... For us at DoodlePlanet we believe in our culture – music, art, the environment. DoodlePlanet is a lifestyle which we feel privileged to share.


I’ve been illustrating commercially since I graduated from Newi (now Glyndwr) in 2004. I’ve illustrated everything from greetings card to life size sculptures of Rhinos and Olympic mascots.
My unique style of drawing and ability to solve a visual challenge sit perfectly in the corporate universe, creating everything from characterising business models and mind maps to corporate identity.
I’ve managed to build up a great portfolio of clientele which includes household names such as O2, Siemens, 2013 London Olympics, Plusnet, and EON to name a few.
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    I’ve always submerged myself in drawing, ever since I can remember. My earliest memories are of drawing birds and mammals direct from nature books. I would draw the subject over and over again until I got it ‘’right’’. I’m still at it; however, the creations are mainly from my imagination. Sketch books are always within reach day or night, my paintings evolve organically from this input.
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